Over the past year, students at Princeton have worked to push our University to re-examine its policies for undergraduate admission as they relate to past involvement with the justice system. As an escalation of these efforts, SPEAR and its coalition partners will be hosting a teach-in on Thursday, May 7th starting at 1:30 PM,  in Firestone Plaza. While we are pleased to have been able to engage senior administrators in meetings on the topic, it is imperative that the university understand the importance of, and the broad range of support for, the movement.

 The teach-in will focus on ways in which questions regarding involvement with the penal system negatively affect millions of Americans as they attempt to gain access to higher education and will feature speakers including Chris Hedges and an individual who was formerly incarcerated. This event is timed to coincide with President Eisgruber’s public office hours. He and other members of the administration will be invited to attend. It is our hope that he and other central University administrators will join us in learning about this critical issue and take concrete steps towards reevaluating this discriminatory admissions policy.

Read the op-ed in the Daily Princetonian co-authored by the AOC coalition of student groups calling on University administrators to join us at this important educational event.