NPR interview with Michelle Alexander, author of The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness

Mariame Kaba's website - amazing activist, abolitionist, restorative justice practitioner)

Critical Resistance briefer on the Prison Industrial Complex (and their website more broadly)

Harvard Magazine article about Bruce Western, a sociologist specializing in the study of American mass incarceration

 Prison Reform Advocates Speak Up for the Voiceless, Rolling Stone

Searching for the Truth about California's Prison Hunger Strike, Rolling Stone

The House I Live In, an award-winning documentary on the War on Drugs

Recent NYT opinion pieces on prison reform:

          Writing Off Lives, Editorial, September 2013 

          A Possible Answer to California's Prison Woes, Editor's Blog, September 2013

          Smarter Sentencing, Editorial, August 2013

          Bad Prison Policy for Women, Editorial, August 2013

          California's Continuing Prison Crisis, Editorial, August 2013

          Help Thy Neighbor and Go Straight to Prison, Kristof, August 2013

          Horrendous Abuse in Mississippi Prisons, Editorial, June 2013

          A Conservative Case for Prison Reform, Viguerie, June 2013

          The School-to-Prison Pipeline, Editorial, May 2013

          Prison Could Be Productive, Room for Debate, December 2012

John TIerney's three-part NYT series, Time and Punishment:

           For Lesser Crimes, Rethinking Life Behind Bars 

           Prison Population Can Shrink When Police Crowd Streets

           Prison and the Poverty Trap

Sam Dolnick's three-part NYT series, Unlocked, an investigation into NJ's halfway houses

          As Escapees Stream Out, A Penal Business Thrives   

          At a Halfway House, Bedlam Reigns

          A Volitile Mix Fuels a Murder

The ACLU's Safe Communities, Fair Sentences Project

Report on Racially Biased Marijuana Arrests from the ACLU

Interactive Incarceration Statistics Map from The Sentencing Project