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As always, SPEAR will have its weekly working full group meeting this Monday, March 4th at 8 p.m. in Campus Club, and all are welcome to get involved with the work SPEAR is doing anytime!

Our D.O.V.E.S. team, which hosts social and educational events for young women from a local alternative incarceration facility (and is looking for new members!) will meet at 7:30 p.m. in campus club, and our conference team will meet during the weekly meeting as well.

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  1. The Ban the Box campaign and Woke Wednesdays will be holding a watch party and discussion following the viewing of the newest installment featuring the Admissions Opportunity Campaign. Join WW and BtB on Wednesday, April 3 in the Carl A. Fields Center Room 105 at 5PM to have some fun, eat some snacks, and dismantle the carceral state!

  1. We are sure you have already registered for our annual SPEAR Conference: now, we need you all to host the many students coming in from around the country to attend on the weekend of April 12th and 13th! Please fill out this form here.

  2. From a SPEAR alumni: My name is Clarissa Kimmey (Class of 2016) and while living in Mexico for a Fulbright I've been volunteering with a migrant shelter based in Oaxaca City. Between 90 and 180 migrants and refugees from all over Latin American pass through the shelter each month -- even though it's managed by a team of just 4 people. They could really use some extra help. They wouldn't have any money to hire an intern, but if there's one thing I love and miss dearly about Princeton, it's all the funding to do incredible and important work across the world. So, I'm seeking an intern for them. This would be a great experience for anyone interested in immigration legal or humanitarian services, but you could honestly be of help down here doing whatever it is you enjoy doing. My main goal while I'm here is setting up more resources for people seeking asylum in the US, but some of the most fun I've had is setting up an art class for the children staying at the center. Distractions and diversions are really important for the people (of all ages!) staying here. On a non-work note, Oaxaca would be a wonderful place to spend a summer (it's quickly become my favorite city in the world). I'll probably be around until July-ish, so would love to help out with basic orientation down here. I know it's a little past internship-finding time in Princeton, but if you're interested and want to learn more, shoot me an email at clarissakimmey@gmail.com. ¡Saludos!


The Human Costs Of Kamala Harris’ War On Truancy Molly Redden, The Huffington Post.

“Preventing truancy, she argued, was not just about the noble goal of ensuring every child’s education, but a matter of averting future criminals. So it only made sense for the city’s top law enforcement officer to get involved. Harris filed charges against a handful of San Francisco parents whose elementary school-aged children were consistently missing school.”

Why the Plan to Legalize Marijuana in New Jersey Suddenly Unraveled Nick Corasaniti and Jesse McKinley, The New York Times.

“A disagreement existed among lawmakers about how far to go regarding the social justice component in the legalization bill: Fissures grew over whether it was necessary to expunge criminal records for marijuana-related offenses for those found with as much as five pounds of the drug.”

Fear of a Black Homeland: The Strange Tale of the FBI’s Fictional “Black Identity Extremist” Movement” Alice Speri, The Intercept.

“The only connection between the men referenced in the FBI’s “black identity extremism” report, besides their race, is a thread of anger at police violence.”

Invisible Walls Zoeann Murphy, Jon Gerberg, Jorge Ribas and Jesse Mesner-Hage, The Washington Post.

“From Guatemala, Mexico, and California come the stories of lives altered by Trump’s crackdown on immigration”


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