Criminal Justice Related Summer Internship Guide

Princeton Internships in Civic Service (PICS): DUE DECEMBER 7TH

Baker Industries Inc:

Works to employ individuals who might typically have difficulty finding employment with a focus on employing formerly incarcerated individuals.

Partners for Women and Justice:

Partners provides free legal services to low-income victims of domestic violence.

National LGBTQ Task Force:

The National LGBTQ Task Force builds power, takes action and creates change to achieve freedom and justice for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) people and their families.

Tennessee Justice Center

The Tennessee Justice Center is a private, non-profit public interest law firm that represents low-income families throughout Tennessee. Their mission is to advocate on behalf of poor Tennesseans.

Partners for Women and Justice

Partners provides free legal services to low-income victims of domestic violence.

Lawyers for Children

Since 1984, they have represented almost 30,000 children in New York City court proceedings involving: voluntary foster care placement, abuse, neglect, termination of parental rights, adoption, guardianship, paternity, custody and visitation.

Poverty & Race Research Action Council

The Poverty & Race Research Action Council (PRRAC) is a civil rights law and policy organization based in Washington, D.C. Our mission is to promote research-based advocacy strategies to address structural inequality and disrupt the systems that disadvantage low-income people of color.

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Princeton International Internship Program (IIP): DEADLINE DECEMBER 5TH

NOTE: These are a bit more tangentially related but still valuable

Justiça Global

Justiça Global is a nongovernmental organization that has been active since 1999 acting on the protection and promotion of human rights and in the strengthening of civil society and democracy.

European Roma Rights Center (ERRC)

The European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) is an international public interest law organization working to combat anti-Romani racism and human rights abuse of Roma through strategic litigation, research and policy development, advocacy, and human rights education.

Danish Institute for Human Rights (DIHR)

The Danish Institute for Human Rights (DIHR) is an independent state-funded institution. The mandate of DIHR is to promote and protect human rights and equal treatment in Denmark and abroad.


GENDES, A. C.,, is a Mexican civil society organization committed to using social development to promote gender equality and eradicate gender-based violence. Their efforts include engaging in analysis, intervention, research, and advocacy  to promote egalitarian relationships that contribute to social development. Their vision is to address the social root causes of gender-based violence and focus on reeducation work.


Additional Fellowships and Opportunities: DEADLINES VARY

Guggenheim Internships in Criminal Justice:

Fellows in Criminal Justice are a group of Princeton University, Columbia University, and Barnard College students who intern each summer at New York City criminal justice non-profit organizations. Here they engage in direct client services, legal services, social services, and policy research.

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John C. Bogle '51 Fellows in Civic Service:

The John C. Bogle ‘51 Fellows in Civic Service program (Bogle Fellowship) is a funded opportunity open to Princeton first-year students . The fellowship was developed to support student participation in service or civic engagement pursuits during the summer before sophomore year.

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The Arthur J. Liman Public Interest Program:

Liman Fellows receive a stipend for a minimum eight week summer 2019 (ten weeks preferred) internship involving full-time public interest law-related work.  The internship may be client-oriented; direct-service casework, either civil or criminal, such as enforcement work by government agencies or class-action litigation by public interest law organizations; or cause-oriented advocacy, such as nonprofit organizations’ policy development and advocacy of legislative and regulatory reforms.

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